Module 3: ThoughtWorks Case Study

ThoughtWorks (TW) is exclusively known for competing in the IT services industry, in the custom application and system integration projects. While most of their clients are small innovative companies, the majority of their work is based on a significant number of Global 1000 worldwide companies, which are interested in multimillion dollar value projects and trust ThoughtWorks because of the Best Practices of Agile methods implemented by Martin Fowler. A talented and motivated workforce enabled TW to do the heavy lifting in every project and carry out the best practices of Agile approach, which in return helped set the course for future ThoughtWorks projects.


ThoughtWorks Target Market

ThoughtWorks plan is to distinguish themselves from the other competitors in the industry, hence their identified niche market included the Type A firms, which apparently accounts for 30% of the IT companies in the industry. These Type A accounts/clients are pioneers of advanced technologies, already aware of Martin Fowler and his Agile practices, and most importantly, they seek custom application and systems integration through aggressively adopting high-risk strategies with high potential rewards. Furthermore, TW have a limited marketing budget with a limited brand awareness, another reason why focusing on a subset of a market would make more sense. ThoughtWorks focus on establishing a brand for themselves is closely tied to their desire of contracting big audacious projects because they cannot afford to get their best IT consultants involved in these small projects which usually last longer and have little return on investment.

The target segmentation include all three types of companies A, B and C. Type A CIO’s/consultants because they are involved in larger companies and are pioneers in advanced technology and innovation with special affection for Martin Fowler the Agile practices. Whereas targeting Type B and Type C consultants – increases awareness throughout these smaller enterprises about the complex projects that ThoughtWorks handles.

What makes ThouhtWorks different from other competitors

We will use the three types of PODs from the article: “Three questions you need to ask about your brand”, Brand Performance, Brand Imagery and Customer Insight.

  1. Employ most talented and motivated people – Brand Performance or Brand Imagery.

Thoughtworks operates with the most talented and motivated people. One of the biggest contributors of ThoughtWorks’ success, Martin Fowler, shares the insight information about the company’s ability of hiring people. They focus on people with integrity, with real passion in doing quality work, trustworthy, very smart and pleasant to work with. (Brand Imagery) Other than that, ThoughtWorks uses exhaustive interview regimes in which 1 or 2 (0.5% – 1%) of nearly 200 candidates can be hired. The company believes that the most important factor to successful software development is staff quality. ThoughtWorks provides an environment that enables to thrive professionally and personally. (Brand Performance)

  1. Be an industry leader regarding on-time completion  and under budget on projects –Brand Imagery

In a market when nearly 80% of projects are over budget or late, ThoughtWorks is able to complete the projects on time and under budget.

  1. Expert in Software Design & Delivery Methods – Brand Performance or Brand Imagery


ThoughtWorks for the past 20 years has been envisioning, designing and delivering customer software for their clients.  Martin Fowler and many of the ThoughtWorks talented people have published numerous books and articles supporting their strategies, they also share their experiences and insights at conferences and articles. (Brand Imagery)

Agile Methods – are recognized as the best methods in software development. ThoughtWorks is a pioneer of Agile Delivery Methods on very large software projects and the small ones. They believe that Agile methods are the methods that differentiate them from other companies and they will drive the future of the company higher than the industry average. The chief scientist of ThoughtWorks, Martin Fowler, is considered the leading authority of Agile techniques for software development. He developed a key brand in applying Agile Method to projects of any size. Agile methods have been adopted mostly by the top 1000 IT firms. (Brand Performance or Brand Imagery)

Waterfall – These methods are appropriate when there was little chance of significant changes in business requirements. Waterfall model is often used in software development processes, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards, through the phase of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance. (Brand performance)

Iterative approach – Iterative approach includes the same steps as Waterfall, but the steps are repeated many times and in smaller increment. The most widely used iterative methodology was The Rational Unified Process. (Brand performance)

  1. Enterprise Architecture- Brand Imagery

ThoughtWorks is a true leader in constructing enterprise application and enterprise integration strategies. Martin Flower was the key figure in this field. His book Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture is very successful.

  1. Expert in Consulting- Brand Performance

ThoughtWorks advices on anything related with the software design and delivery. They help their clients on solving their problems and see their toughest challenges from different prism. The consultants usually explore the symptoms and the cause of the problematic. The culture in ThoughtWorks is a constant self-evaluation.

  1. Training & Workshops –Brand Performance

These training offers enable managers, analysts, developers and testers to appropriate agile development and project management practices. Workshops help them to understand every aspect of software delivery.

  1. Complete the project on time – Insight (make you a hero)

ThoughtWorks is always in able to complete the projects on time. While other companies have real problem with the fail of the software project because they are late.

Position Statement

For technology professionals, ThoughtWorks is the IT solution provider, whose talented team can get it done on time.

Target Market For technology professionals,
Frame of Reference ThoughtWorks is the IT solution provider,
POD whose talented team
RTBs can get it done on time


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